Milano Grandstands
Sharknose on the banking

Download Circuito di Milano
Unleashed June 2001
Created by Bubba Jones

Download Miloval - the oval version of Milano
Unleashed April 2002
Created by Stuart Thorp

These tracks may not, partially or in full, be posted at any other sites without express permission! You may link to this page, but not directly to the files. Thank you!

Installation Instructions
For either track

To install, download the zip file, and unzip into any convenient folder. Then double-click on TrackInstall.exe to run the installer.

NOTE: Before attempting to install this track, it is highly recommended that you remove any pre-release versions that you may have installed. This includes deleting references to the track in your 67season.ini and gp.ini files. You've been warned.


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Please check back in Feb 2006. If they are still not back up, email me at

Development Team:
- Bubba Jones (track architect)
- Greg Campbell (AI)
- Dave Mack (Cams)
- Wayne Fitzgerald (Setups, and track guide)

Support Team:
- Colin Taber (website, advice, guidance and moral support)
- Sam Hardwick (historian)

- Jason Adams
- Joe Berkemeier
- Carl Cottrell
- Paul Cogan
- Steven Davis
- Charlie Fox
- Phil Gammon
- David Gensler

- Mark Gray
- Keith Groves
- Rich LaPlante
- Tor Larsen
- Scott MacDougall
- Lou Magyar
- Jake Myers
- Tim Miller

- Jari Mononen
- Chris Morris
- Chris Noto
- Arturo Pereira
- Jeff Robbins
- Martin Smogbike
- Mike Taylor
- Garret Van Haaften

League Tests:
- Snake Racing League (SNRL)
- Atlas F1 League

Special Thanks:

To the GPLEA for making their knowlege and fantastic toolset available.

To Papy, for giving us this wonderful sim that just seems to keep on getting better.

To Martin Granberg, for his great track installer.

To Joachim Blum from David Mack, for his excellent TrkCAMEdit utility.

To the many posters at the Track Building forum, for answering all my questions.

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