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This is the home of the SNRL, an FD competition league for the racing simulator GPL (Grand Prix Legends). This league was born primarily out of the membership of the VROC F2 Club - please visit VROC and the F2 Club to get involved in excellent open-field GPL FD and F2 racing. If you are interested in competing in the SNRL, please send me an email, at - I imagine regular and alternate spots will open up as time goes on. At this time we have chosen to run FD events, using F1 chassis and engine sounds with the F2 engine, made possible by the GPL Engine Manager utility. League races are held on Tuesday evenings from 10 - 11:30 pm U.S. eastern time. SNRL runs not only the original GPL tracks, but also a selection of the free add-ons and a few converted tracks.

If something's bonkers with the website, needs updating or just looks wrong, please e-mail me at